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Founded in 1981, we have more than twenty years’ experience in making precision gears, transmission shafts, motor spindles, spur gears, bevel gears, gears for speed reducers and worm gears, which are used in electric-powered/pneumatic tools and vehicles, including electric-powered wheelchairs, scooters, speed reducers, woodworking cutters, stone cutters, and band saws. We’ve recently also developed gearboxes for electric-powered wheelchairs and differentials for electric scooters.

A specialized, ISO9001-certified gear manufacturer with sophisticated production, advanced equipment and skilled staffers, we offer precision products with supreme quality, competitive prices, and prompt lead-time. With Gear-production Department and Assembly Department, we offer the best gearboxes of its kind. Using PC-based gear-inspection equipment enables us to deliver top-quality products.
Worms, Gears, Stub Tooth Gears, Speed Reducers, Shafts, Differentials, Gear Boxes, Gear Sets, Bevel Gears, Spur Gears, Gearbox for Power Wheelchair, Transmission Series for Power Scooter, Wood Cutting Machine Components, Band Saw Parts, Power Tool Components, Pneumatic Tool Components



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