Refrigerant Service System

Refrigerant Service System



Detail Specifications / Descriptions
1. It is an all-in-one unit that recover/recycle/recharge refrigerant, detect leak, vacuum and inject lubricant.
2. Charge port for small refrigerant container.
3. Automatic performance of complete program as well as manual operation by individual program.
4. Sharp LCD display in Chinese/English version, menu of manual/automatic, English/Chinese is alternative.
5. Easy connection for manifolds, only joint the suction hose of unit to the service port of air condition.
6. Accurately weigh refrigerant with electronic weigh scale.
7. Build in pressure sensor, control recovery, leak detection, cleaning and vacuum.
8. Build in purge filter, enhance the effect of refrigerant recycle and reuse.
9. Inject oil with rations.
10. Strong evacuation with vacuum pump.
11. Unique design for flush strike-proof, over press proof.
12. Main components are import from foreign countries, ensure well performance.




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